My name is Bob, and I’m a huge pickleball fan. I’ve created this website to talk about pickleball or more precisely pickleball strategy. Pickleball strategy involves every aspect of the game from learning the rules, learning how to keep score, and learning the various shots in pickleball such as the serve, the return of serve, the third shot, the dink and all the shots in between.

Learning to play the game

When I started playing pickleball in 2014 there were not a lot of experienced players around so I had almost no one to teach me the game. Nowadays it’s different. So many people are playing, and with so many websites on the Internet devoted to pickleball, you can learn how to play the game pretty easily.

In truth, after a few games you kind of learn how to play and enjoy the game to a certain extent. Without realizing it, you’re gradually learning basic doubles pickleball strategy.

Bob uses a backhand serve to keep his opponent off guard

Perhaps you buy a pickleball strategy guide of some sort or check out the Internet for articles or videos on pickleball rules play, pickleball scoring rules, pickleball serve rules and of course pickleball kitchen rules. You start to get more accustomed to playing and want to learn more about pickleball strategy in depth.

Learning the importance of strategy

After you’ve been playing for awhile you begin to develop a sense that there is more to the game than just serving and coming to the net or basic pickleball doubles strategy. You’re probably playing against better or more experienced players as the game gains in popularity and younger players or ex-tennis players take up the sport.

Pickleball players line up to practice at new courts in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Here you can see in Cherry Hill, NJ the courts are filled with pickleball players. This is how we all learn to play the game; we just come out and play and learn from one another.

You realize that to win you have to understand the strategies that better players use. There is a lot of good information online that is extremely helpful. The serve, for example, which is the subject of our first few blog posts, probably has garnered the most attention from experienced and professional pickleball players. You can find several excellent pickleball serving drills that will help you perfect your serve. We’ll talk about these more at length in future blog posts.

Pickleball tournaments flourishing around the country

Here is a photo taken from Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101-How to Play Smart Pickleball, Ten Tips

Learning the rules

First, of course, before diving into these videos, you should familiarize yourself with pickleball doubles serving rules since you’ll no doubt be playing doubles. The rules for serving in pickleball are precise and easy to learn, but you need to understand them implicitly before trying to master the serve itself.

That’s true for other important shots in pickleball – the dink, lob, smash, etc.

Learn the fundamentals of Pickleball in this excellent book

This book provides a terrific introduction to pickleball rules and strategy. Click for more details

There are plenty of videos that will explain and demonstrate these shots and teach you how to use them effectively during the match.
There are several pickleball rules books online, simplified pickleball rules cheat sheets, that are filled with illustrations and detailed explanations. Don’t overlook the importance of these when starting out.

Pickleball is a very complicated game, and the more you play and the better you get the more you realize how much you don’t know and how much you still have to learn.

Learning what equipment to purchase

At some point early on you will want to know where you can buy pickleball paddles – or pickleball racquets as they are sometimes called. I know I looked for my first paddle online by typing in “pickleball paddles Amazon” to see what kind of paddles were available and how much they cost. I even looked up “pickleball paddles used” to see if I could get a deal on a used paddle. Later in this website I’ll share with you my list of “best pickleball paddles” with a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each.

Learning from this website

So here we are – another pickleball website. I hope you find this site informative, instructional and enjoyable. I have tried to put my personal spin on the sport and provide valuable insights into the game. Most important, though, is to have fun playing. If you can learn some of the strategies highlighted in the website – and of course execute them – I’m sure it will enhance your enjoyment of the game and hopefully put you on the winning side more often than not.
So please enjoy the site. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to email me, and I will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,