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Review of the 10 Best Pickleball Paddles on Amazon

Every time I am out on the pickleball courts – whether in Margate, NJ, Livingston, NJ or Delray Beach, FL – I see people using many kinds of pickleball paddles. You look around at the paddles and almost everyone has a different brand or style paddle. You don’t see many wood pickleball paddles, that’s true; yet you do see some cheap pickleball paddles that are not helping anyone’s game. Most, though, are made of graphite or composites and are actually very well-made with characteristics that can be advantageous for most players. Different strokes for different folks!

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Review of the Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners $40-$50

The other day I went out on the court to play pickleball, and one of my friends showed me a paddle that he had just bought at Target: The Orange Mamba by Franklin Sports for $9.99. I tried hitting with it and found the paddle was very heavy and unmanageable when hitting dinks or smashes or stretching out to hit balls that were just within my outstretched reach. I told my friend that when it comes to toys you shouldn’t be cheap. Well of course you can be cheap, but buying cheap pickleball paddles is not a good idea.

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Choosing between a Wood, Graphite or Composite Pickleball Paddle

In a previous post we discussed five important criteria for buying a pickleball paddle: weight, length, power vs. control, color and grip size. In this post we are going to talk about the most important aspect of a pickleball paddle that you need to understand in order to choose the right paddle, and that is the material from which it is made.

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How to Choose the Best Pickleball Paddle

Without going into a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of every pickleball paddle on the market, I do want to provide you with some general guidelines on how to select the right paddle for you and your game. Essentially, there are five criteria that you need to look at when purchasing a pickleball paddle

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