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Lobster Pickleball Machine Review

After reviewing the Pickleball Tutor ball machine, I decided to take a look at another popular ball machine called the Lobster Pickleball machine. A close friend of mine has one so I was lucky enough to see it in action. The Lobster is an excellent pickleball training aid, and like a tennis ball machine it can be very helpful in practicing your pickleball shots and performing a variety of drills

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Pickleball Tutor Review – The Easy Way to Practice Pickleball

I have received several emails since starting this blog asking for more information on drills and best ways to practice different pickleball shots. I have alluded to several drills in a previous article but haven’t gone into detail about any of them. I do intend to do that soon, but today’s article is about a simple and easy-to-use machine that anyone can own who wants to improve his or her pickleball game.

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