Author: Robert Savar

Use the Pickleball Dink Shot to Win Points at the Net

In past blog posts we talked about the importance of serving as a strategic weapon in pickleball – the backhand serve and the spin serve – and we also discussed the return of service. In this article I am going to focus on a shot called the pickleball dink shot. Now I know the name pickleball dink sounds a bit funny, but if you have played the game you know what it is – or you think you know what it is. Let’s begin by defining the dink shot.

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Best Pickleball Return of Serve Strategies

In earlier blog post, Mastering the Best Pickleball Serves, I wrote extensively about serving strategies including a detailed explanation of various types of serves including the spin serve and the backhand serve. In future posts we’ll talk more about other types of serves, but right now I want to step over the net onto the other side of the court and discuss the strategy for the pickleball return of serve or what’s also known as the pickleball return serve. If the serve is the most important shot in the game, the return of serve is the second most important shot in the game. I’m going to explain why.

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