Month: August 2018

How to Hit a Winning Pickleball Volley

In this two part article we discuss the pickleball volley. The volley is an essential part of the game of pickleball. As every pickleball player knows, most points are won at the net, and the volley, as we are going to define it, is a shot that you must perfect if you are going to win at the sport. You work so hard to get good position at the net you can’t squander opportunities to win points by hitting weak volleys.

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Best Pickleball Overhead Smash Techniques

Today we’re going to talk about the most enjoyable shot in pickleball: the pickleball overhead smash. I know what you’re thinking…what are you going to teach me about the overhead smash? It’s the simplest shot in pickleball. Just reach up and smash it at your opponent’s feet (or head…depending on your disposition). Just smash it as hard as you can. Well, as you can probably guess, it’s not that simple. If it were that simple there would be no need for me to write about it. But here I go.

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Best Pickleball Serves: Hard Serve and Snap Serve

In a previous article we mentioned four different pickleball serves: the high soft serve, the power serve, the angle serve and the snap serve. In a different blog post we discussed the spin serve and the backhand serve. In today’s blog post we are going to discuss the hard serve and the snap serve.

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