Month: July 2018

Best Pickleball Return of Serve Strategies

In earlier blog post, Mastering the Best Pickleball Serves, I wrote extensively about serving strategies including a detailed explanation of various types of serves including the spin serve and the backhand serve. In future posts we’ll talk more about other types of serves, but right now I want to step over the net onto the other side of the court and discuss the strategy for the pickleball return of serve or what’s also known as the pickleball return serve. If the serve is the most important shot in the game, the return of serve is the second most important shot in the game. I’m going to explain why.

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Mastering the Best Pickleball Serves

As promised in my last blog post, I’m going to focus on pickleball serves again. Don’t worry; this will be my last article on serves for a while. I’m going to write more about different kinds of shots – the dink, lob, volley, smash, etc. – as well as about pickleball equipment (primarily the paddle) and books and videos about pickleball. So now lets take an in depth look at two of the best pickleball serves:

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Best Pickleball Serve Strategy

In our first blog post entitled Pickleball Strategy Begins with a Winning Serve. I talked about how important an effective serve is for gaining control of a rally in order to win the point. So I thought it would be a good idea to follow that post with an in-depth discussion about pickleball serves strategy.

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My name is Bob, and I’m a huge pickleball fan. I’ve created this website to talk about pickleball or more precisely pickleball strategy. Pickleball strategy involves every aspect of the game from learning the rules, learning how to keep score, and learning the various shots in pickleball such as the serve, the return of serve, the third shot, the dink and all the shots in between.

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Pickleball Strategy Begins with a Winning Serve

Pickleball strategy begins with a winning serve. That’s right, if you have an effective serve you can gain an advantage and win the point. A strong server can win as much as 25% of the game’s points before a rally even starts. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s statistically true based on tournament play results.

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